Long time no see peepz! "too" busy to update this blog lately. lots of new stuff happening but i will upload them later. anyway, anywho..Ramadhan is here again! favourite month of the year and then the three days after that. XD but Arifah Hot Oven is still operating and production still goes on. this two months which are Ramadhan and Syawal I am going to be focus on ArifahHotOven's famous UltraAwesomeChocolateCakeYouCa​nnotResist. it's a hot selling right now. because it is simple and quick to serve, have a soothing and relaxing feeling after one whole day of fasting, mouthwatering.., once you try definitely you want some more!  XD
Ramadhan sales>> UltraAwesomeChocolateCakeYouCa​nnotResist RM12 each.
Discount for 10 pieces and above.
Orders open until 28th August 2011.
Please booked at least 3days in advance. Thank you (=