how ironic!

How ironic is this! my first wedding cake is my actual wedding cake! LOLZ. but it felt great because it's my first and i had to go through lots of challenges because I never practice it and it is different from ordinary cake and i also have to focus on other stuff that i had to settled. Alhamdullilah, I finished it on time. and literally i'm saying it was exactly on time! i made it 3days before my wedding so that it still fresh. I spent making the cake for the first day, then 2nd day covered up with fondant and put the decoration together on the third day. I was so focused on my cake on those 3days.. i hardly eat and drink and now i can't even fit my wedding ring. it's too loose! LOLZ. I also skinned abit because a week earlier i did another fitting and couldnt fit it. so the lady adjust it abit and by the time I had to wear it it's really loose! kinda big for me. thank god it's adjustable. any way that is not the main story here. we're talking about the cake. hehehe

usually i made fondant cake with butter cake and buttercream. but this one i made with my ultraawesomechocolatecakeyoucannotresist with chocolate ganache. this was the first time i tried it. so i had no experience in the making of wedding cake at all! i just go with the flow. i didn't expect the difference between buttercream and ganache would cause different problem when i covered with fondant. but it was much easier! buttercream soften quicker than ganache therefore it cause fondant to sweat quicker and it is hard for me to cover the fondant properly, while ganache takes a bit more time, and more time for me to adjust and stuff and doesn't sweat alot! (sweat: water condensation when you remove from fridge.) 

the bottom tier was hand painter and top tier i tried making drapes like it is covered with fabric. i want the flow! lolz. n my favourite is the flower. i was so eager to put the pollen on the center. =)

this is "hantaran" gift cake for my hubby. the base is vanilla buttercake and dirty iced with ganache.