Hug Me,, Cuddle Me,, Where is My Teddy?!


Happy Birthday to my sisters Mira 17th & Nina 12th. and nina, you are not the baby of the house anymore. so grow up!! XP She requested her birthday cake to be made into shape of her teddy bear called HugMe. It was a challenge because i never done it before. but i did it! although it doesnt look exactly the same but i still managed to complete it. and everything on it was absolutely edible. even the arms and legs. I didn't waste even a bit piece of cake. the inside was butter cake with blueberry filling and buttercream. It was really tough. I went with the flow. I had no idea what i am going to do next.  For a first time experience it is ok right? I will improve the next one. (= maybe I should make my zeddy for my birthday? LOL!

the two teddies. original HugMe on the right. it looks ok to me.still a teddy bear even tough it is not exactly look alike. heeeee (=