Orders for UltraAwesomeChocolateCake is close for now until 5th September. 'Told you to be quick ;)' We have way to many orders and no more time to squeeze yours in :P. Now you going to have to miss it during your Eid day. It won't be perfect without our UltraAwesomeChocolateCake to serves your guest. Actually we still can except your orders but with an extra charges depending on your orders. that is why you have to booked early!  (=


Incoming news..after syawal..

To all brides and grooms going to be.. watch out for our flyers coming around in bridal's boutique! We will make sure that your cake is not just a wedding cake but it will be THE wedding cake  =D 

-personal customize design
-varieties of flavour and choices
-all at affordable price!

There's a story behind on each cake.