Hello October, hello people

now that september is already over, i can get back focus on arifah hot oven since my assignments won't longer clash with any of my schedules to make cakes for Arifah Hot Oven. I was so busy last month i couldn't even get myself straight. big eye beds underneath for how many weeks now. totally out from my usual routine. Too busy with FHM. i was a helper comitee, have to serve contestant's desert for the judges. I had to wake up so  early toget to convention center and then went back with komuter. so tiring but worth the experience and what i've learnt. the next following week i was pack with presentations and assignments. due to my indicipline behaviour as a last minute person, so i completed my presentation at the last minute. but it's still cool. and then last friday i got a cake competition. but because lack of time i couldnt present it very well. Other contestant made it in months and weeks and i did it overnight. cool huh. i don't want to show it. too embarassed and ashamed of myself. i will make sure next year i will spare plenty of time for it. huh!