a dosh of this n that!

Ding! lolz. Just want to share something.. this is actually my realy first first sugar craft cake.I'm so proud of it. I thought mine would be the most simplest one among all of them in class. but actlly i had the highest mark but that is not the thing here.. i'm just so happy because my lecture said that i am GIFTED. so this is for sure .. baking is my destiny.  i made it during cake decoration practical exam.. and i only got 4 hours to make it. thank god i managed to finish it on time. pheeww~ along the way it's my dad's b'day.. so y not make this for his present,, right. i'm really sure i am destined to do baking. i love it so much usually i tend to forget all the stuff that filled my head with headaches. (=