Please note: Macaron!

Alright! as you know the love for macaron is in the air. but sadly I'm not making any of this little cuties. it's not hard to make them but I am currently doing my business at home and because of that I don't see this lil sweets worth of selling and not making any profit. so I have to stop making them due to the time, and it's not suitable for a small business like mine. some day when Arifah Hot Oven is establish and stable (maybe in 2years time?), only then I will consider of making them again. So, please understand when I have to refuse your order for macarons.

Macarons is not my best thing. but if you are new to Arifah Hot Oven, you should try our best selling CHEESECAKE! people go crazy with it. old clients never stop on buying our cheesecake. and they don't just order for 1 or 2. they can go up to 4 and 5 just for themselves. crazy huh? I'm not lying thou. it's true because I know them and they are cheesecake maniacs! There are lots of varieties. you can also request for other flavours and I'll try to mix and match them. Adiousss (=