Oh Sugar!

Now ArifahHotOven will be open for you at anytime except if you require us to deliver. First week of long semester break, I just want to get hands on sugar paste. So for anyone, who needs a WEDDING, GIFT cake or such we are here for you (= 

If you want to order a sugarpaste cake, you have to be careful in certain things. i'll tell you why you should get your sugarpaste cake from us.

1. Sugarpaste contains gelatin. some bakers want to save time, so they just buy ready made ones [true bakers don't use instant stuff. that's what my lecturer told me]. you cannot be sure where gelatin come from either halal or not. it could be import from overseas which is clearly not halal. In our kitchen, we use Halagel's gelatin. So, you don't have to doubt us.
2. Usually when you request for flower stuff on it, to cut time and cost, they just buy it from stores. Nowadays, you can buy flower sugarpaste or meringue instantly form shops. Who knows how long it's been on the shelf!
3. All ingredients are fresh! that's for certain.
4. We put all the attention and details on your cake so we don't messed it up.
5. I'll think of another reason next time (=

To be honest, I'm not a flower person. hack knows whatever type of flowers out there. the only one that usually attracts me is cactus. that's a flower too innit? or plant? it got little flowers on it. that's why I told ye baking is not just about making breads and cakes. it is more than that. you have to know your science, math, flowers and etc. who knows maybe i will become a florist in future. lolz.