Not enough ?! let's try homemade ones (=

This is just normal butter cake i made for my aunty for her house warming. ok ok ok. so what's the problem? the night I made this cake, I had few troubles with eggs and baking powder. The last nos of egg tend to be rotten. thank god it was in a separate bowl. my dad had to rush and get new eggs. Problem solved.
the 2nd one really challenged me as i never made my own baking powder. boohoo~~ may sound like nothing. where can i get BP this late at night? this is where the knowledge i've learned from class comes in. heheh ^^ . I cant remember the proportion between the alkali and acid but i know alkali is more than acid. So i was just guessing and i added a bit of cornstarch. it rised a little bit but not that much. ah well, at least i tried and should improve it next time if i want to make my own baking powder. (=