Why Mums don't let their kids in their kitchen?

Why Mums don't let their kids in their kitchen? simply because.. firstly it's for their own safety. Second, they usually messed up your kitchen. It's true innit? I caused a chaos in my mum's kitchen today. Just because I have to stay in hostel all week, I only get to see this magic square talking pictures called TV once a week and once the TV is right in front of me, even cartoons can distract me from continue with my work.

Anyway..reminder for me.. don't ever leave the kitchen when you are cooking. This is the story..

I was makin sugar syrup n I'm supposed to wait at least 20minutes until it get's a little brown. While waiting, for it to cook, I went up n watched TV and come down once in a while to check on it. I guess I was to distract with the TV, I totally forgot I was cooking downstairs! My mum's kitchen was a messed. It went all smokey and my sugar syrup have turn into burned syrup. Apparently I made a black treacle instead of sugar syrup. not really a treacle thou. just look like one and smell like one. Guess what i did next? I went all panicked and try to pour this thick syrup down the drain. it harden immedietly and I'm more stressed out! thank God it's only a little bit of it. I paused for a moment and think a second. I poured lots of water back inside the pan like the picture above and heat it back up thinking maybe I still can thin it down. Pheww~~ it worked..! 

I thought it won''t work because I did it before but that one was without the lime and this one is with lime. you know the science. fructose.. glucose.. acid.. tadaaa~ whatever it is, dont ever leave the kitchen when you are cooking especially someone like me. that's why my company is called Arifah Hot Oven because arifah + cooker don't really go together. I guess.. cooking is not my expertise. Those people who have the skill in both are really fortunate. be thankful for it. but this is not something that can stop me from pursue my career in this industry. practice make it perfect.