Baking recipe: 1 cup of love

Weird title innit. when you working with food it is really tough when you have to deal with your mood. I mean it,, seriously. you have to enjoy with whatever you are making or else the taste going to be slightly change although you baked it a lot of time before. whoever is going to eat it can feel the difference.
I had an order of macaron from my mate. thank god she's my good mate. imagine if the order from a new customer. I was really not in the mood that day but i just couldnt say no when someone craving for something. that's my job to get over it. so anyway, I was so moody during the whole process of making the macaron. i'm in the kitchen but my thoughts were else where. everything was going smoothly. there's no mistake whatsoever until i put them them to bake. i was a little curious after 2 3 minutes it baked in the oven. i looked it up and the macarons not showing any sign as i was hoping. and when it came was a total disaster. it turned out to be hardrock like biscuits. n i was like.. urgghhh this is a disaster. to cover it up. i blamed it on the scale. bad scale bad scale. poor scale.

  the moral of the story.. focus during baking. keep your head in there. because your mood does effect on the product. even though it turn out well, it still make a difference. when you really enjoy it but it doesn't look much .. people still gonna compliment it in every way. (=