Voila ! Alhamdullilah (=

Finally after lots of RND and errors, I managed to make the right macaron. I never seen them before or taste them but i kept having dreams about them. I only knew about macaron after watching Gossip Girl and my lecturer did mentioned few times about them. I looked up in the internet and this little things are so adorable and it may look simple but so attractive make you feel dying to get your hands on them. 
 [this ain't mine. I just copied it from internet.mine is not upload to PC yet. but it looked exactly the same.that's what I'm proud of. it's not that easy to make. you have to understand the functions and the difference between macaron and meringue. they maybe similar but different.]

I realized that here in Malaysia, this little cuties ain't that famous and not many people knew about them. I can't even find anyone that is selling this colourful confections. So, i was thinking maybe I should try market it because of my studies, and incorrect timing..my RND and practice have to delayed few weeks. Made me falling behind when I planned to introduce them in November. But you know what ? it's a telepathy ! So suddenly out of nowhere my friends told me this cute macaron have been going around the markets lately. They also trying to expose the sweet confections to our culture. Darnnn it,, Im too late. But take it positively, it won't take much trouble for me to market this once people already know. (=