Please be more specific!

I don't mind criticism or any comments about my products because all those feedback eventually helps me to improvise AHO. but I'm not being rude here ,, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be specific for whatever that you desire for your cake. Don't blame Us if you're not satisfy with it. If I don't have any details I will have to use my own ideas and you have to accept the consequences. This is for the sake of your own purchases because I don't want it to get spoilt. i give you a senario like this aiteee :

# : your order writen like this >> 'happy birthday' cheesecake blueberry 1kg.' ( i know your working condition and there is no cold storage there when the cheesecake itself suppose to be eaten in a cold condition and have to be chill immediately before it turns sour. few hours is still ok but then how bout the next 3 4 hours? you expect with the description I will make you a fancy cake? either way, if I did use some whipped cream just to satisfy you, the cake still gonna be spoilt and you still gonna complain that the cheesecake is bad when actually you haven't realize that it is at your fault.) 

The point I'm trying to make here is that please be specific with your order so that you will satisfy with the results. Although I have no idea how you going to store your purchases because I have no idea who you are, please rethink about what you going to order because my priority is high quality for all of my product because to me that is far important and it's the biggest factor in this business. I apologize if it doesn't reach to your desire and I will improve it again.