Oh, baking?

I want to make this clear. I dont get it. why?
when someone ask you,, 'what are you studying now?'
if you answer it like this > 'medicine,accounting,management,science tech, etc'
they would go ,,'awh wow! that is great.how you doing then? blah3' all that crap.
but when you say 'baking' they answered it
'oh,what? come again? baking?making breads and cakes? awh ok then'
.. fullstop.
why they look at it so lowly. they don't get it. it is not just about baking.
gosshh man ,, it comes in package.
all the science, math, accounting, what ever you name it all..
baking have more than making bread and cake.
don't you know now its not about who have the highest education level
or glamorous courses but it is about surviving this world.
i know more than you do.
I bet in 2years, i can be a step ahead than the others or maybe way ahead.
and you know what,
baking have more than what you think.
you need the passion and interest
then you'll understand what I'm on about (=