King of baking. Kim Tak Gu!

Oh yes! this is what I'm talking about. i love this drama. It's not about the actor or actresses that i like it so much. but it show's the beauty about baking that most people didn't see. I hope for those who thinks baking is for dumb people should reconsider again about this industry. It is not just about bake breads and cakes. it is more than that. The scent during fermentation. how you love the smell of bake flours and sugars. I just adore it. You need a deep interest in this subject for you in able to understand what i'm saying.

You need the passion to see the art and science behind it. hahaha sound so cheesy. but this is what i'm trying to proof. You need knowledge and skill. if you have skill, still can survive but not good enough. You need knowledge then you can succeed.

Like my lecturer mentioned before, 'I hope you didn't come here because you fail in studies' We are not like those ''makciks'' or ''bloggers'' selling cupcake and muffins only. there's a difference between educated and non-educated bakers. So, get your pop-corn ready and enjoy the show. I will prove to you.