Talk about something: Fondant

OK! I almost forgot that most of viewers and my customers don't exactly know all the stuff and bits stuffed in your cake, on your cake, beside your cake, behind and under and etc. anyway.. cut to the chase, today i want to talk about fondant. i had a customer who wants to order cupcakes but don;t know what she wants and no idea the different type of frosting and etc. so i had to explained it to her. so why not post it here much better so you and i can share the knowledge.

So what is fondant? and no! its not the hard sugary cover on top of your cake. it is hard because it is lack of moisture and probably the baker don't know how to actually do it. usually before cover fondant on cakes, i apply soft frosting like buttercream or ganache and then cover it with fondant. only then you will get a soft fondant. and it only creates skin on the surfaces but still soft in the inside. so it makes you think it is hard because of the skin. Fondant is a mixture of glucose, gelatin, sorbitol and icing sugar. in the most simplest form, it is called sugar paste.. and daaa it taste like sugar if you're still wondering. too high on sugar? i think usually people don;t eat it. they scrape it off unless if you can tolerate with the sweetness. it's so sweet. but why do people like it? simply because it make your cakes look great and awesome! not only that, you can give a realistic effect on it.

Fondant most common use for novelty cakes (it makes my job easier) like a shape of cars or t-shirt and etc. or just normal cake like round and squares and etc. but the effect it gives is totally different compare to cream frosting on cakes. other suggestion, if you want to have a gift cake (hantaran) this is the best option. because obviously the cake will be expose outside. it will not only looks good in camera but it last longer outside compare to cream which eventually melts and ruin the decorations!

Fondant require a lot of hand work because the best part of it is the details. so the price is also slightly higher compare to normal cakes. but at Arifah Hot Oven, all the price are reasonable and no hiden charges. the price is charge base on the decoration like piping work, hand work, figurine, flowers and etc. Dont get left behind! people nowadays don;t just eat them. they want it to look fab. so why don't you?