Red anemone on E-day (=

Congratulation to my aunty who just engaged to her fiance. She looked fab as usual. any who.. I made this cake for her gift in exchance with her fiance. It is red anemone on top with some petals made of gumpaste and covered with buttercream and sugarpaste awh and strawberry filling. My first intention was to make pink camelia but i dont have much time because it requires alot of petals and plus I don't have that much patience at that moment and i was just trying to get myself use with sugarpaste stuff.

As i go along making this cake, i just figured out why I love sugar paste. you can play around with fondant and shape it as you like and's like playing with play dough when you were little. When I was around 4 5 years old I had to stayed over at my neighbour after preschool and her kids got the playdough kits where you can press it and it forms an ice cream or something like that. and they won't let me play with it! huh! now i got better ones than that one! so boOo =P Just sharing something although it's not that interesting.