eemmm! chocolate!

OMG! you have to try our chocolate cakes. we didn't expect this much comment from our customers but they are totally in love with it. Me as the baker I thought it's just another chocolate cake but instead they are crazy for it. As a starter, it takes me a lot of time to get the right recipe. it is countless how many attempts i did  to get that right consistency for a chocolate cakes. because I've tried too much sometimes I made my parents so angry for wasting money and ingredients, then I will asked them to buy more stuff but still failed. But practise makes it perfect right? never give up and keep trying. Take it from common story of Thomas Edison. people said he was crazy and got mental problem because he tried thousands of times but still failed. but thanks to him your house light up at night. Same goes for me. and this irresistable cake is the best thing I've done so far. you have no idea how crappy it was before. lolz. but in the end, thanks to my parents for their encouragement and support. without them ArifahHotOven won't go this far. and the Great Almighty for this gift. (=

These are my fav comments:
  1. Kek choc ni sedap. much better than yg dulunya. congrats to Arifah (=
  2. Salam, Dr. mmg terbaekkk la kek coklat nie...sedappp...A+++ (=

weeehheee~!! O= yeah! I'm exagerating too much! q=