cho..cho cho chocolate!

there will be no cupcake with sugarpaste this week. )= (but school kids loved them!) but wait.. this week is about chocolate cakes (= 
what is better than chocolate? from infants to seniors love these confections. and whatever chocolate are formed into, people still tempted to it.give me a break with sugar paste stuff.. it's fun and enjoying but more time taken to make it on it rather than piping chocolate ganache only take me few minutes because i got few big projects this week which i have to focus on.

why should you buy ArifahHotOven chocolate cake? simply because.. i only use the best quality and i want to maintain it till you munch it. as you know there are two types of ganache in ArifahHotOven: simple ganache and chocolate heaven ganache. if you really want to satisfy yourself i advice that you choose chocolate heaven ganache. i don't like simple ganache either but for the sake of cost some people prefer to buy the cheaper one. but for me, i rather buy a quality one although it's a bit more costly. I use good quality chocolate and totally melts in your mouth. you will craving for more! don't bother about diets and stuff.. once in a while you have to enjoy yourself. and what is better than that? don't you know chocolate can get rid of your stress and more positive emotions but only the good chocolates thou can do the work!