Bigger than the picture!

Awh yes! I think AHO’s have been blessed. After one and another. All this time I have to struggled with that hand mixer and imagine when you booked 5 cheesecakes. So, guess how hard it is for me to make all those cakes by only using a small hand mixer. But that is the baker problem and your task is to enjoy your cake as you desire.

After months and months I’ve saved money for AHO’s  asset, [ I’m a big a spender, a shopaholic, so saving this much money is a huge thing to me. ]  finally I get to own one of this machine. Maybe for you out there, it doesn’t seem nothing much. But to me, it’s the start of something big. I am capable of doing almost everything. For example like… before this I couldn’t make rolled fondant because my hands aren’t strong enough to make the dough and that’s stopping me to go further. And stop! NO! NO! NO! to instant products. I know you can get rolled fondant instantly at shops. But I prefer to make my own as my lecturer said to me once ‘a true baker never use instant!’   (= With this machine, baking will be alot more fun ! I will try to improvise as much as I can. If you not satisfy with any of my product please do inform me. I will do the best that I can (=